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Question Time

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Question Time

Q: How do I put my address book into Alphabetical order?

A: Open the address book, maximise the screen.

At the top of each column is a column name e.g. Name, Email Address etc.

* Click on the Name column header. It will put the names in order in 4 different ways. A-Z first name, Z-A first name, Z-A Surname, and A - Z Surname, depend on how many times you click on it.

* Try it.

* You can also sort the Email addresses the same way, if you need to identify a person by their email address.

Saving Moving Images and Pictures
If you like the moving pictures (animations) in an email or web page, you too can save them and use them in emails. To do this.

* Right Click on the picture

* Select Save picture as.

* A file will open.. eg. My Documents/my pictures. (A good place to put them) or before you start, you could create a new folder and call it "Moving pictures".

* Give the picture a name and click on Enter (or Save.)

* The picture is now available to insert into other emails or documents from that file.

Quick Tip - 1
To Bookmark or a Favourite Website
Press Ctrl D. Very fast, no fuss.

Quick Tip - 2
Click on the Column Name Headers in your emails to sort your emails by person, date, or subject. Try it.

First printed in SNN Newsletter April 2003


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