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To Check the Date

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To Check the Date

I was talking to someone the other day that wondered what the date was. I said "it's right in front of you, on your computer". Most people know this, but not everyone it seems.

To check the date, just guide your mouse pointer to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, where you will see the time displayed. Let the mouse
pointer sit on the time display for a moment (no need to click anything), and a little box will appear, displaying the day and date.

If you want to make an adjustment to the date (or the time), just click with the RIGHT mouse button on this time display then let go. In the pop up
menu, click the entry "Adjust time/date" (using the left mouse button).

A calendar and clock will appear, and you can adjust by date, month and year simply by clicking the entry you want. To adjust the time, click on the
hours, minutes or seconds you want to change (or the AM/PM) and alter by clicking the up or down spin buttons.

I'm looking at the Windows 98 version of the calendar/clock as I write this, but I'm pretty sure the other Windows versions are the same.

For those who like things to happen automatically, it's possible to install a small utility on your computer, which will automatically log on to an International Time standard site every time you connect to the Internet. The utility automatically corrects the time on your computer clock, so it's absolutely accurate to the nearest split second.

How to organise this? - Well that's another story for another time (if anyone's interested).
When you're a Senior, time seems to go by more quickly; knowing how to adjust the time can therefore be quite useful!!!

John Selby, technical bloke


First Printed in the June 2003 SNN Newsletter



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