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A Convenient Way to 'End it All'

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A Convenient Way to 'End it All'

Nothing sinister about this subject if you own a computer and need a quick way of preparing for the installation of a new programme, or defragmenting the hard drive.

Most programmes come with instructions to close all running applications on your computer before you install the programme.

This isn't always simple, especially with resident programmes which run in the background (eg virus checkers).

The programme "Enditall" provides a simple and convenient way to shut down everything on your computer (except the essential operations) with just one mouse click.

This popular freeware programme can be downloaded and used without payment by clicking here.

If you use "Enditall" to prepare your computer for hard drive defragmenting (refer Nov - Dec newsletter), remember also to disable your screen saver, as "Enditall" can only close programmes which are already running.

Note: If the above internet address is a bit daunting to type, phone me and I will be happy to email it to you, so you can simply copy it from the email and paste into the address bar of your browser.

John Selby.

First printed SNN Newsletter May 2001


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