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SeniorNet Napier Incorporated
Napier Senetter News
Newsletter of SeniorNet Napier Incorporated

July 2002 Volume 4 Number 6

The President's Piece
Notice of Annual General Meeting
SenNet Soundings
Computers in Sailing
Finding a Lost File
What If Dr. Seuss Did technical Writing?
Howard's Contribution
Membership Renewals
A Warm Welcome
CanYou Help?
Care Needed
Car Parking at the Learning Centre
Closing Date for August Newsletter
Getting Help from SeniorNet Napier
Putting it to the Panel
Important Notice re attending meetings at Ahuriri
Having Fun
Name Labels
Scottish Ties
Email Confusion
Surfing the Net
A Meeting with Grant Sidaway

The President's Piece

Hello to you all again,
SeniorNet Napier was started in January 1999. At that time Napier was the 22nd group to have been formed in this country. The first group to be formed was Wellington. The movement goes from strength to strength and 94 groups are now established and operating throughout New Zealand. The 10th Anniversary of SeniorNet in New Zealand has recently been celebrated. The efforts of the voluntary tutors right through our country has provided a new found interest as well as much
pleasure to thousands of SeniorNetters nation wide.
It is a great privilege to be associated with an organisation of this nature knowing that our efforts are effective for so many.
It is now time once again for our Annual General Meeting, and I hope that you will all make a special effort to attend.
For me, well, this is my final editorial as I am not this year standing for the position of President of SeniorNet Napier. The last three and a half years have simply flown. They have been most enjoyable and satisfying, particularly so because of the very high calibre and devotion of our committee members, and the willingness of our people to take on the roles of tutors and assistants, and the multitudes of other members who have given their time so freely and willingly in the interests of our organisation. My very grateful thanks go you all. It is not my intention to leave the
organisation and will hopefully remain on as a tutor.
I wish my successor well in the role and I am confident that he or she will be
given the unstinting support that was always accorded to myself.
Peter B.

All current financial members have received the
Notice of Annual General Meeting

which was attached to the June 2002 newsletter.
It will also be sent to any new members joining up until the 29th July 2002.
Did YOU mark this event /date on your calendar? Please see to it NOW!
Our 3rd Annual General Meeting
Will be held at the Ahuriri Bowling Club Rooms on Monday 29th
at 2pm
As SNN secretary, I would like now to receive any apologies please, for the A G M - but please make every effort to be there.
Thank you. Ila McInnes.

SenNet Soundings

The older you get, the quicker it seems that birthdays come around. The same appears to apply just as readily to issues of your Newsletter which arrives in our letterboxes unheralded by any fanfare, quietly slipping in there amid the personal mail and sundry other deliveries.

As a document it is a reflection of the commitment by those in an Official capacity to communicate items of interest, technical knowledge, plans for the future and in a literary sense a method of bringing all of us with a common interest together. It's quality and content reflects the dedication of those who run the 'Club' but it would be enhanced still further with more contributions from the members.

If my mailbox is anything to go by, many of you have stories to tell that would alternately horrify or amuse the readers. Don't be reluctant to share your best or worst moments. We promise we won't tell anyone. Add to the anticipation of opening each issue of this excellent Newsletter.

The installation of my 'Kerio' Firewall is proving a real boon, preventing unauthorised access to my computer. You would be surprised at who tries to obtain information from your system without your permission!

In the process of helping a friend select a new Computer etc., I was struck by the variation in the price of Ink Cartridges. Whilst the Printers we are offered are generally of a very high quality (even those at the bottom end) and at quite reasonably cost, purchasing replacement Cartridges - particularly coloured - can bring on a fit of depression. Generic cartridges (not to be used within the Warranty period!!) are available for some models, but not others and up to the moment of writing, have proved for me to be just as efficient. The savings can equate to the purchase of a new printer in a relatively short space of time dependent on use. An acquaintance recently paid more for two replacement Ink Cartridges than she did for the Printer. Hard to believe, but true.

Refilling them yourself is also an option and very inexpensive, but if you are like me with two thumbs on either hand, it can prove a bit messy! However with care, the easy-to-understand instructions can result in quite remarkable savings. Kits are available from most Stationers and in some instances they may complete the refill for a small extra charge.

The moral of the item being, if you are purchasing a new Printer, check on what 'Original' Cartridges cost and whether Generic ones are available. A visit on the Webb to either or will give you some idea.

Well time is up. With the lower overnight temperatures 'down country' the Electric Blanket is in full use, but the daily addition of one minute of daylight brings Spring ever closer. Make the most of your opportunities to explore the world through your computers, for attending to your Gardens will shortly be the main focus.
'till next time - 'keep on keeping in touch'
Charles Jarvis
who can be reached at


Computers in Sailing
I didn't tell you that as of last Easter Saturday I am a retired sailor. (That's when I sold my yacht) that I raced in Hawke's Bay every Saturday for many years. I was what you would call a day sailor ... Get on the start line and when the gun goes go like hell in all directions for 13 miles and try to get your nose over the finish line ahead of the other boats for a win.
Among my many adventures I sailed my little 22ft boat single handed across Cook Strait and back but I'll tell you about that in another article. Today I was going to tell you about computer navigation so I'd better get started or Ila will break my leg.
In past years sailors found their way across the oceans using instruments that measured the sun's height above the horizon at an exact time of the day, or the stars at night if they could see them, and when they couldn't see, they used a method called 'dead reckoning' which if it went on for many days was a pretty hit and miss
affair. It entailed estimating the boat's speed (velocity over the sea-bed) the hours of travel influenced by the wind and tide. You can appreciate there are a lot of 'if's' in there and not surprisingly, a lot of sailors found themselves in some unexpected places.
Then came the introduction of satellites. This was a huge leap forward in technology and now even dumb guys like me can tell where we are any time we like, day or night.
It's called GPS an abbreviation of Global Positioning System. The American government put a bunch of stationary satellites at strategic places around the globe. By stationary I mean in relation to a position on earth. They give out signals at wide angles that cover the earth's surface. GPS recorders receive these signals (up to ten of them) coming from different angles and display the position to within a couple of metres.
It works just as well in rain or storm, night or day on land or sea, so long as the computer can receive the signal which is 'line of sight' My one is about the size of a cell phone and easily fits in your pocket. It's battery operated so it would work well on the top of Mt.Cook, (if ever I could get it up there).

Sorry - have to go now…
End of column! Bert Tripp

Finding a Lost File

Have you ever done a lot of work on a document file, then saved it and 'lost' it?

How frustrating! Hours of work; it's somewhere there on the computer, but how to find it? Well, don't forget File Finder. Here's a few tips:-

1) If you know the file name.
That's easy. Just start file finder (Start/Find/Files or Folders) - or for Win ME users:-
(Start/Search/For files or folders).
In the top slot with the label 'Named' (or for Win ME 'Search for Files or Folders Named') type the file name.
If you aren't sure of the full name you can just use part of it, plus the asterisk * wild card. For example, typing the string holida* would find files with names like holidayphoto.doc or holidaysnaps.wps etc.

2) If you don't know the file name.
Maybe you can remember something that is contained in the file. Try to choose a less common word or phrase you know is there so that File Finder doesn't find too many files that qualify... For example if the file was a document about your recent Australian holiday, and you remembered you had mentioned the Moolowog Motel in the document, the word Moolowog would be a good choice to type into File Finder's 'Containing text' slot.

3) If you don't know either 1) or 2).
Perhaps you have a good idea when the file was created or last saved. You can click the 'Date' tab in File Finder and search for files that were created or modified during that time (in Windows ME you have to click on 'Search Options' first to get to the Date box).

I was prompted to write these notes by something that happened about an hour ago.
I had been using Abiword (a freeware Word Processor) to re-format a document someone had sent me as an email attachment. When the job was done I went to print the result. Unfortunately I made a mistake and attempted to change the default printer setting in the Printers folder while Abiword's Print dialogue box was also open.
Abiword crashed, and my work was gone!

Time to start all over again? Probably! But then I remembered that Abiword is designed to save any open document (if possible) if something causes it to crash.

Trouble was, I didn't know what the saved file would have been called, or where it might have been saved. However, I did know the crash had only just happened, so I checked the time displayed on the system clock (bottom right hand corner of the monitor screen) and wrote it down.

Then, opened File Finder, checked that the 'look In' slot was showing C: drive as the place to search, and clicked the 'Date' tab at the top of File Finder's window.

I chose to search for files 'Modified during the previous (1) days' by clicking the appropriate circular 'radio button' then clicked 'Find Now'.

In a moment or two, File Finder had listed 137 files which had been modified today.

One click on the header at the top of the date and time column (ie click on the word 'Modified') sorted all the entries in date and time order.

There was a promising looking file modified just two minutes earlier, with its name and path displayed.

Problem solved. I was able to start Abiword again and open the file for printing.

File Finder saved the day. As those who have attended the File Management course well know, File Finder can be a very handy tool when you know how to use it.

John Selby (Technical Bloke)

PS - For Windows XP users:-

Your File Finder is organised differently. Access by clicking Start, then Search.
From the resulting new window click
'All files and folders'.
The next window gives you the choice of entering the file name, or some word or phrase contained in the file.
To search by date you need to click the label
'When was it modified?'
And if you just wanted to see files modified today you would need to click the 'Specify dates' option, using today's date for both the start and end of the search period.
Why not experiment? - look for some files which you already know exist, using different methods.
PPS - To make the list of found files easier to read, get rid of the displayed large icons by clicking 'View' in File Finder's menu bar, then select 'Details.'

What If Dr. Seuss Did technical Writing?

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,
And the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, Then the socket packet pocket has an error to report!

If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash, And the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash,
And your data is corrupted 'cause the index doesn't hash, Then your situation's hopeless, and your system's gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house, Says the network is connected to the button on your mouse,
But your packets want to tunnel on another protocol, That's repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall,
And your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss So your icons in the window are as wavy as a souse,
Then you may as well reboot and go out with a bang, 'Cause as sure as I'm a poet, the 'puter's gonna hang!

When the copy of your floppy's getting sloppy on the disk, And the microcode instructions cause unnecessary RISC,
Then you have to flash your memory and you'll want to RAM your ROM.

Quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your mom!
This file is archived at The Laugh Zone
Thank you, Bert Tripp

Howard's Contribution free classic books downloads freeware and shareware downloads etc

Membership Renewals

Haven't we done well!
To date there are just on a hundred of you to still attend to sending in your SNN Membership Renewal forms.

There have only been about thirty members who have resigned - several have moved out of the area or the country!

A few have decided that they have benefitted to their limit from tuition and association
with SeniorNet Napier, (and a number of these have also expressed their thanks and appreciation to those who tutored and assisted them in any way).

Some no longer have their computers, due to health restrictions of one kind or another.

Shortly we will need to discontinue the newsletter to those who have not 'paid up', but we will fix a coloured 'FINAL NOTICE' sticker to your newsletter to remind you.

Please note though


at - SNN Membership Renewal
224 A Te Awa Avenue

You may bring your Renewal form with payment to the A G M on 29 July 2002.


Your Executive Committee is aware of problems sometimes with parking - but it will probably right itself a little when extra cars used by workmen are no longer using spaces.

However, you will also notice that the SeniorNet metal pipe is now located in a new position just east of the 'Small car park'.

We are permitted to drive over this
and onto the grassed area with cars facing the Learning Centre and St Andrews Hall.

Do drive forward far enough to permit those wanting to leave - to back to the right and drive out again.

Getting Help from SeniorNet Napier

Many of our members have benefited from advice and help given freely by our volunteer officers and tutorial staff. However, we ask all members to take note that our volunteers do not claim to be computer experts. Any tuition, advice or help they provide to you is given in good faith, strictly on condition that you use such tuition, advice or help entirely at your own risk.


A Very Warm Welcome
to New Members
Numbers 683 - 694

CanYou Help?
From time to time, as Membership Secretary and thus speaking to almost all prospective SNN members, I get inquiries about locating a pre-loved computer.
Some of you may remember what it felt like to want to have a go at this 'Information Technology thing', and to not have a family member or anyone living nearby to help you.
This is particularly difficult for those with limited financial resources as well.
Likewise, sometimes someone wishes to upgrade from an older eg Windows 98 with Works 4/4.5 and Word 97 to something more up to date.
As SeniorNet Napier is still tutoring in these older (but perfectly adequate for basic word processing and email)programs, please let me know in case I have people looking for such a set up.
Charles Jarvis (contact him via email) has a lady currently in this situation, and I have two people who would dearly like to obtain an older computer (with modem) and printer.

Ila McInnes
Contact details on back page of this newsletter

Care Needed

If any of you need to go across to Atawhai
for any reason please do take care
if using the outside metal wheelchair ramp over close to the kitchen entrance of Atawhai.

A lethal concoction made up of some types of footwear and particularly damp surfaces on nearby grass or the ramp itself, can lead to possibly tragic or at least
painful consequences.
Your committee has already been informed of a near miss, and so we ask that you take particular note of this.

Tutorial Volunteers - please be especially vigilant!

Closing Date

for August Newsletter material will be 17 August 2002
Any SNN member is most welcome to contribute to our Newsletter.

Put It To The Panel

The 'Put it to the Panel' will probably recommence in August/September.

Please send your questions to Vicki Johnston - her contact details are at the back of this newsletter. If anyone wishes to give their questions to someone else please would that 'someone else' let Vicki know that you have been given a question, so that she can 'mastermind/co-ordinate' the event.

There is now also a specially labeled box for your questions on the desk/table in the tea room at the Learning Centre.

E-mail confusion
'My nephew in Oz sent me this...I'd had difficulty in getting his new email address correct (dot in wrong place!) so he thought I'd appreciate it…
' From the United States comes the following story which reinforces the need to get E-mail addresses correct:
After being nearly snow bound for two weeks, during the winter, a Seattle man departed for Miami Beach, where he was to meet his wife the next day, at the conclusion of her business trip to Minneapolis.
They were looking forward to some warm, pleasant weather and enjoying a break from the children.
Unfortunately, there was a mix up at the Departure Gate and the man was informed he would have to travel on a later flight. He tried to have the decision reversed but was told he had no alternative but to travel on the later flight.
On arrival, he found Miami beach was having a heat wave and the weather was as uncomfortably hot, as Seattle's was cold.
The receptionist gave him a message that his wife would arrive later in the day.
He could hardly wait to get to the pool. So he hurriedly sent his wife an E-mail message, but because of his haste made an error in the address.
As a result, his message arrived at the home of an elderly widow, whose preacher husband had been buried the day before. The grieving widow opened her E-mail, took one look at the monitor, let out an anguished scream and promptly had a heart attack.
When her family found her, the following message was still on the screen:
Dearest Wife,
Departed yesterday, as you know,
Just now checked in.
Some confusion at the gate.
Appeal was denied.
Received confirmation of your arrival.
Your loving husband.
P.S: Things are not as we thought.
You will be surprised at how hot it is down here

Vall Dell
Page 8 - Echo, February 2, 2002

LOOK - Second edition of 'NetGuide for Seniors' is now available - with All New Beginners Guide to the Internet & Computers

Having Fun
Recently I had a weekend away - and learned that one can do jig saw puzzles from the Net!
My nephew in Masterton spends his computer time doing jig saws which may be found on is even a 'jig saw of the day' - beats playing solitaire when you're supposed to be working.

Scottish Ties
A website has been created to encourage those interested in uncovering their Scottish family ties to go to the country and find out for themselves what life was like for their ancestors and what it means to be a Scot.
The new site has been devised by VisitScotland (formerly the Scottish Tourist Board) and aims to become the definitive web portal for people interested in discovering their Scots roots.
For the first time it will be possible for people to enter a place name, parish name or even a surname and find out where their ancestors came from, what their life might have been like, and how Scotland has developed into the vibrant nation it is today.


Thank you, Peter Blackmore

When attending meetings at

Please note that we are to use the Tangaroa Street entrance - this is first on the right off Coronation Street when entering from Battery Road.

There is now ample sealed parking in Tanagroa Street.

Name Labels
From time to time this notice is included for the benefit of newer members especially.
When attending any SNN meetings, we endeavour to have your name label available at the venue for you.
On arriving (before you are enticed away by the 'Raffle Seller') go to the label boxes laid out on tables usually to the side of the hall - here name labels for those not in a tuition class may be found in alphabetical order.
If you are currently in a tuition class or are a Tutorial Volunteer your label will be located on the cloth hangers which you will have seen at the Learning Centre.

If you bring a guest along we have 'write on adhesive labels' available - do help your visitor to be more at ease and be easily introduced!

Please remember where you found your label and put it back before you leave, or hand it to a committee member or volunteer at the door.

Surfing the Net

It should be noted that our Links Buttonwill take you to a variety of WWW sites.

Here are some more Suggested sites to look at for N.Z. & elsewhere of JudySutton's list(2)
-of New Zealand sites that may be useful to other members (continued from last month)
Family Court NZ
Farmstays NZ
Fashion N Z
Finance - Managed Funds Survey
Fire Service NZ
Fishing spots/tide
Furniture Removals Backloading
Food in a minute (Gofton)
Forest & Bird Royal NZ
Forest Native NZ
Four Wheel Drive NZ
Friends Lost ? - Schools
Genealogy Tutorials
Genetic Engineering Com NZ
Gift Vouchers NZ
Government Dept List
Government Online
Greenpeace NZ
Greypower NZ
Hawkes Bay Tourism
Health - Womans
Skin disease
Health Ministry
Genealogists NZ Society

Hip Knee etc Pain Mgmt
Historic Places Trust NZ
Historic Places Register
History NZ Govt
Holidays NZ
Homestays NZ

Job Advice
Justices of Peace NZ
Kakapo Native Bird
Kennel Club NZ
Kitchen Tools (Millies)
Land Care Research
Law Commission NZ
Legal Help
Lotto results


The 'Meet with Grant Sidaway'

The meeting held at Ahuriri Bowling Club Rooms 9.30 am on Friday 12 July 2002 took place on a 'not so very pleasant weatherwise' morning, and thank you so much to the thirty plus of you who came along. We soon became oblivious to the moisture outside the building and once more were enthralled with Grant's 'power point' presentation of 'up to the moment' Internet performances - presented in his usual humourous and effective manner.

Before this, Grant and our other guest presenter Anne Tolley both related points from their 'information technology' background and then on behalf of Telecom and Xtra Anne presented our Social Convenor Vicki Johnston with a plaque commemorating

10 years of SeniorNet in New Zealand

Grant then spoke ever so briefly on acquiring a digital camera, and demonstrated a shot taken enroute to the venue - this truly whetted our appetites for getting into digital cameras. Some relevant notes and recollections from Grant's presentation follow

Why people choose Xtra

  • Known Brand
  • 24 Hour Free Help Desk
  • Easy to connect
  • Nationwide service
  • Rates to match lifestyle
  • Bill with the existing Telecom Account
  • They support SeniorNet!!!

    The Basics
  • Telecommunications
  • “passing information over a distance”
  • Now a true multimedia
  • 550 million internet users
  • 3,000 new connections every hour
  • By 2005 = 1 billion internet users

10% of the time compared with telephone

TheTwo Main Myths

  • You can get addicted to the net

Never use your credit card online
Grant then related his experience of considering buying a property and needing to know what public transport was available in the area, and all this on a Sunday afternoon - so he went to Here he found an Aerial Map - and all the info he needed to know. Only thing (and this was nothing to do with the Internet) his Tender missed out.

Do you wonder why your connection to the Internet often 'drops off' - Grant expanded a little on the following points!

  • House wiring, phone and power separate (see to this when home under construction)
  • “2” wire jackpoints
  • Avoid long leads - Grant related a funny one here, and it is not too rare!
  • No “christmas trees”
  • Unplug cordless telephones
  • Electric fences to be made illegal
  • Slow the modem speed down
  • Use your ISP help desk - one of our SNN members can vouch for this just recently!
  • Where electric fences must be used - care should be taken to make sure proper earthing procedures are used. And all of us can learn to manage our cordless phones properly
    E mailing Tips
  • Use folders to store emails
  • Always spell check
  • Signature files add professional touch
  • Attachment process is useful
  • Now add a little enhancement!
  • Customise the look and feel
    How about a Web Cam then?
  • Add another dimension to your internet
  • Not expensive
  • Easy to make a start
  • Use it with 'net meeting'
  • Look em straight in the pixels!
    This topic raised not a little interest and is probably something that a number of us will be looking into as the facilities are made more readily available to N Z'ers.
    Check out the health channel - this is up to date and has great links
    Some of Grant's favorites
  • ..\NZGO Gateway to the New Zealand Government.htm

Grant may be contacted by email at

Till next time keep smiling